Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hipsters Make Academic Writing Seem Cooler Than It Is....

Today I met good friend Sarita Gallagher for a cup of lavender chamomile tea and a writing session at The Black Cat Cafe in NE PDX.  Now Portland is known for being a hip city and the NE is one of the hipsterest of hipster places in Portland.  All of that to say, you can expect a good amount of good-natured pretense and The Black Cat does not disappoint!  Lots of grimy, too-cool-for-grooming (but still very friendly) types came and went while we clicked away on our laptops.  So if you are looking for a place to get the creative juices flowing and do some hipster people watching, go to The Black Cat!

At The Black Cat, even the napkin holders are cool.

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