Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Follow-up from Ava Roasteria

Hello, friends.
I received many e-mails about the very helpful, "How to Read Academic Texts Critically," and so I'm working on a follow-up post entitled, "How to Make the Most Out of Critical Feedback."  I'll look forward to your critical feedback when it is done!
Incidentally, this post comes to you from Ava Roasteria in Beaverton.  The atmosphere is always bustling at this 24 hr. coffee house.  The coffee is not my favorite, but it's respectable.  To my taste buds it's a little on the tart side.  The tea is really excellent, however, and I recommend any of their herbal varieties.  Another thing that I like about Ava is its international feel.  They attract a really diverse crowd and every time I work there, I overhear a different language being spoken!

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