Sunday, September 21, 2014

6 Shows You Aren't Watching, but Should Be (unless you have a paper due for my class, in which case, get to work!)

Looking to procrastinate this semester (who isn't)? I'm a fan of many critically-acclaimed t.v. hits, but  I also like to find more obscure shows. Here are some I'll be watching this season before the grading season picks up....

Newbies (reviews to follow!): 
The Flash - It took awhile for me to warm up to Arrow, but last season made me a believer... mostly because of awesome fangirl proxy character Felicity Smoak. Something tells me this Arrow spin-off The Flash will be a lot of fun right from the beginning. It seems to have Smallville's cheeriness paired with a little bit of snark, and a charming leading man.
Network: CW
Premier Date: October 7

Gotham - I worry that a superhero show on any major network will be doomed for a couple of reasons. One being that niche-y shows like these don't tend to bring in big ratings. The other being that major networks aren't the most risky or creative story-tellers on the planet. But, my t.v. crush Donal Logue (of the criminally underrated Terriers) is in this show and that's reason enough to give it a try. Add to that the broody, noir tone and the fact that future Batman is in the mix, I am in.
Network: Fox
Premiere Date: September 22

iZombie - I am a huge fan of Rob Thomas (writer and television creator, not 90s rock star) and even though the zombie genre seems worn out (and how can you beat The Walking Dead?), I am looking forward to trying it. It looks like it has all of the best Rob Thomas elements: smart female lead, murder mystery, and plenty of sarcasm. Add to that a little horror twist and what's not to like?
Network: CW
Premiere Date: Not until 2015!!!

Returning Faves:
The 100 - On the surface, this is a silly CW show with improbably good-looking refugees from a post-nuclear apocalypse future, but underneath the models-turned-actors is a thoughtful and many times genuinely thrilling sci-fi drama. It's part Lord of the Flies, part Battlestar Galactica. I can't wait to see the leadership styles of Clarke and Bellamy clash in future episodes!

Supernatural - Even 10 seasons in, this show still has legs. It combines horror, humor, and warmth with fun meta-narratives, terrific chemistry between the leads, and classic rock. It also periodically asks the "big questions" about God, destiny/fate, choice, and family. I'm a true believer who's hoping for another decade!

Miss Marple - I enjoy pretty much any British import Masterpiece Mystery brings to us Yanks, but I have a special place in my heart for Agatha Christie's Miss Marple mysteries. I love her mild-mannered-yet-sharp-as-a-tack persona. Why can't other shows feature a brilliant female lead whose personal life is intact and is still interesting? Why do most shows insist on competent professional women who are disasters at home? Miss Marple needs to straighten those t.v. execs out.

Happy Procrastinating, Friends. Now let's get back to the grindstone, shall we?